The Birth of #WeBuiltThisNYC

It started with a simple text thread. A group of female business owners reaching out to each other for support and to seek guidance in navigating the unprecedented challenges that the COVID-19 shut down was hurling at their decades old businesses. 

Conversation amongst the group quickly revealed shared sentiments of fear and uncertainty. They’d each worked innovatively to pivot their business toward new paths of income generation, whilst watching promised PPP and EIDL funding go to large, loophole-implementing corporations. 

One owner, who’d operated in the Park Slope neighborhood since 1971, said she’d never experienced such uncertainty. Nothing, not even 9/11 or the 2008 financial recession, compared to this. 

Through decades of work and dedication, these owners, with their community-cultivating fitness studios and ingenious urban spas, were directly responsible for developing one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the country. Yet, the only official acknowledgement they received came in the form of increased rent payments and a government more concerned with appeasing real-estate moguls and corporate chain-restaurants. Forget support during times of crisis.  

Recognizing the dire reality of the situation, these female entrepreneurs came together to do what female entrepreneurs do so well: figure it out themselves. 

Fueled by a combination of frustration and an ambition to solve the problem affecting thousands of business owners in the city, the #WeBuiltThisNYC movement was born. 

#WeBuiltThisNYC is a grassroots coalition of women small business owners based out of Brooklyn and Manhattan. Their mission is to preserve the small businesses that have made NYC the beautiful city that it is today. 

As the future of small businesses in both New York and the entire Country remains uncertain, these women have banned together to advocate for the protection of their life’s work. Small businesses are the heart, soul, and lifeblood of the American Dream, employing 50% of the american workforce and creating 1.5 million jobs annually.  Without government protection and funding to lessen the financial blow of the COVID-19 shutdown, local economies and communities like Park Slope, Brooklyn will be decimated. 

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